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Do I Need 1.25 or 1.47 in my account to Take position in Dhan. Kindly confirm

Hi @Gangavarapu,

The margin available to ensure both trades are executed is Rs. 1.47L. Post execution of both the orders, the Final margin blocked will be Rs. 1.24L.

We have written about it here Update: Basket Order Enhancements

Jay K.

Competition is Only blocking Final Margin :sweat_smile:

Hi @Gangavarapu

Margins provided are as per exchange guidelines and risk management policy of brokers. There are different ways of how brokers show margins and calculate it, some brokers will do it differently. So we can comment only about Dhan.

At the end of the day, when all legs in a basket or strategy get executed - standard margins are blocked as margin requirements have been standardised across brokers. There is no actual benefit of margin on one platform provides over other, it’s just notional.

We have come across instances on other platforms they witness part execution of orders as a result of this or orders get rejected or hedge doesn’t get formed. Our aim to show final margin is to ensure that strategy / orders mentioned in basket gets successfully executed when sent to exchanges. We do not want to show lower margins just to have users trade. It’s better to be transparent.

Thanks,Traded today
Basket order is Working More like a Bulk Order.
Placed buy leg first and sell leg next
Buy leg executed,but sell leg is rejected Stating Margin requirement shortfall. Now I understand where you come from.
Seems like basket order needs some improvement.
Step buy step execution of basket order works without any error. However re confirmation while placing second leg in the basket is a Headache and not necessary for the required Tradeflow.
Kindly consider in refining same.

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Very valid point. Dhan needs to do something about it.

Hi @Gangavarapu @TMJ - please let us know specific instances where you think you felt it had an issue, we will check. Do write to help@dhan.co and will check with the team.

Yesterday I Placed Bear Call Spread

17900/17850 CE

Added 17900 Buy Leg for Margin Benifit/Hedge

Added 17850 Sell Leg for Trade
Post adding both to basket and Holding Margin required to execute the same.

However Buy leg Got Executed and Sell Leg did not trigger since system did not wait for Buy Trade placement on exchange. It resulted in Not enough margin rejection

Had to Reset Basket and execute the same manually leg by leg , The Problem with executing manually is before playing each leg - Do you want to question in the basket :sweat_smile:(Definitely not needed in Basket)
Finally Executed

See trades to understand this better

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The Wait till First Leg trade confirmation is recieved from exchange to place second leg and so on… is clearing missing making the Basket order more like a Bulk order.

Should I use Dhan app instead of option trader?

We will have this checked.

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