Help understanding Dhan's pricing


I maintain my own spreadsheet to track my shares, and using some formulae, it automatically calculates the total value of shares bought or sold once I enter the price, quantity, broker and exchange. I have used this with HDFC Securities, INDmoney and Dhan. All transaction values have almost matched till now (with some minor differences due to rounding variations), but with Dhan, the most recent sell transaction that I made, I seem to be over-paid about ₹15. I’m trying to understand what part of Dhan’s pricing I did not understand that caused this difference.

This is regarding, Dhan contract note number: 0811563.

Price: ₹1283.5
Quantity: 10
Brokerage: ₹0
NSE charges: Price * Quantity * 0.0000345 = ₹0.44
SEBI charges: Price * Quantity * 0.000001 = ₹0.01
DP charges: ₹12.5
GST: (Brokerage + NSE charges + SEBI charges + DP charges) * 0.18 = ₹2.33
STT: Price * Quantity * 0.001 = ₹12.84
Stamp Duty: ₹0
Total: (Price * Quantity) - (Brokerage + NSE charges + SEBI charges + DP charges + GST + STT + Stamp Duty) = ₹12806.88
Amount I received: ₹12821.48

I don’t see STT in my contract note, and I think that’s one of this things causing this discrepancy. Can someone help me understanding where I’m going wrong in my calculations?


UPDATE: Dhan customer support contacted me and cleared the confusion. The contract note had the STT charges. but was missing DP charges which they mentioned would be posted in the ledger balance.

On a side note, the call with the customer care was great! The agent was professional, informative and helped me clear all the confusion.

Hi @hrishikesh

Yes, as per our discussion, the DP charges are applicable, since you sold the holdings from your portfolio.

For a quick response please do connect with us via Chat or Call. Reach Out to our Customer Support Team | Dhan

On the link you shared, search on knowledge base does not work. If you type anything and press enter, nothing happens.

Hi @gegobyte

Thank you for bringing this to our attention; we will check and update this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we’ve provided a button click that “Open Knowledge Base” and search.

Hi @gegobyte

We request you to kindly check now “Knowledge Base” is working fine.