Hey sir i have a proper connection but i faced this problem

So i have to reopen the app again

HI @Anshul04

This seems to be an intermittent internet connectivity case. In such scenarios, as basic troubleshooting steps, we recommend to refresh the page, login/logout, or try switching your internet connection once. (as you have tried reopen)

In case of reoccurrence, we request you to get in touch on a real-time basis via call at 022 48906273 or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website for quicker responses.

I ( and many of us) have been regularly using mobile app and dont face the issue which you are telling.
The issue is with your mobile or mobile software rather than the app.

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I guess you are super pro max plus trader.
Someone from the support team should develop something for you :slight_smile:

@Sameet @Pravin J

I am using iqoo 7 mobile & wifi 40 MbPS Airtel connectivity in home.5G connectivity in office.

I am also facing the same rate refreshment issue issue for the past once month. Dhan tv is so good in PC no issues according to me. In mobile app every day it lags so many times. If we report this they are asking for screen shot or video If a trader is in position & mobile app is not able provide realtime rate then the trader would worry about his position or interested in recording video.

Dhan is very good at advertising & giving excuses for their inability. Talk less work more.Whenever dhan app freezes then i immediately check zerodha app to confirm the performance of internet. Zerodha opened immediately & i am able see the refreshment smoothly.
Zerodha is far ahead in all core trading platform experience. They are not spending time in animations of crackers visual & more on fancy things. They are really trying improve the core trading experience.
Dhan is excusing that they are 10 years old & we are just new. i accept but dhan is also charging the same brokerage as 10 years old stock broker.i request dhan to improve their core trading experience.

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