Historical Data API Output Missing

Dear Dhan Team,

I am trying to fetch the 1 min candle historical data for stock but getting no output.
Can you please help resolve

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I have got the data but not sure 1. why it is EOD data only and does not have min candle data. 2. Time data is not correct.

How to resolve

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Not able to get the option data. It shows success but data is missing


Hello @ashisha16

First of all, welcome to Dhan Community!
Answering your queries here:

Since you are using the Historical Data API (here) it only provides Daily OHLC Volume data.

Timestamp is custom epoch based date. You can use the timestamp converter added in the version 1.2 to convert it to system date format.

Options Daily Data is not available yet on DhanHQ APIs. You can look into available instrument data in the documentation.


Documentation says that intraday data is available with the tickers in the documentation but i am not able to get the data on query. I am just looking 1 min candle data for option ticker for example NIFTY 18000 PE 16 Feb expiry . Documentation says that you can get the HL of the ticker along with OI and volume data. Can you explain how can i get this data with python coding.

The query with output for equity stock is shown below. It shows the query success but no data.

Hey @ashisha16

Since you’re looking for options data here, you will have to add NSE_FNO in the exchange_segment parameter. In instrument_type, you’ll have to add OPTIDX.

You can check the documentation here for reference. Note that OI data is not available yet, you can only get OHLC and volume data.