How could I buy a stock at higher price than historical value

I have a stock holding in Piramal Enterprises:

As you could see the Purchase date is 14th Feb 2022 and the average buy price is ~2300/share. Now when I check the historical price of Piramal Enterprise, the maximum it has reached is ~1651/share.

I wonder how I could buy a share at much price than historical value.

Could someone explains this to me. It is creating doubt in my mind about Dhan and all the holding I have through Dhan.

Hi @gmatesunny,

There was a recent corporate action in this company (Demerger), and the price was adjusted in exchanges on 30th August. Accordingly, historical prices are also adjusted at the exchange level.

However, the trade price is the actual buy price so it is not adjusted.

Hope this clairfies.

Jay K.
Head - Customer Support


Any idea when the new stocks will be allocated to stock holders after demerger ?

Hi @gmatesunny,

Since, Piramal Pharma is not listed yet it is not reflecting in your portfolio.

You can further check the same in your DP holding statement.


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