How to add naked Stop Loss in Intraday position through DhanHQ API

I have tried below request body to take BUY position with naked stop loss but doesn’t work. It just placed Intraday BUY order without adding naked stop loss

payload = {
        "dhanClientId": "XYZXYZ",
        "transactionType": "BUY",
        "exchangeSegment": "NSE_EQ",
        "productType": "INTRADAY",
        "orderType": "STOP_LOSS",
        "validity": "DAY",
        "securityId": "2043",
        "quantity": 1,
        "price": "100",
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Hello @poojamlvya

As I can understand from this, you want to place a cover order with a limit order and a stop loss order combined. You can do so by using CO as order type and add on the other details. You can refer to the documentation here to know more details about placing Cover Order.

Hope this helps!