How to read this unique max pain

Can someone help me understand this max pain.

I understand the max pain as a concept. But I somehow not able to read this chart

@PravinJ plz advice if you can help me direct to any video to understand this max pain.

A simple explanation is that the max pain strike is the one where option buyers could loose the most or in other way max option Put & Call writers are residing at the strike price

Hello Sir. That’s general info I know. However Dhan’s app don’t show which strike. They have a different way of interpretation so they don’t show up strike price.

I couldnt find any info on YouTube to understand this chart representation. So we need to wait until @PravinJ @Dhan respond back with resource

Now i understand what you mean. I think they forgot to add the strike price of the max pain @PravinJ @Dhan . However, once you click at the bars you can see the stike price of that bar. For now you can click on the smallest bar to identify the strike price (max pain)

Oops. I thought they are unique. Click on small bars is such a pain. @PravinJ @Dhan_Help hope this shall be fixed