How to update the buy average price with multiple dates?

Hello All,
I successfully moved my shares from previous broker to Dhan. Now, I see an option to Add Price , but I purchased multiple shares (of same company) on a span of multiple months (different dates), but while adding Price, it’s ask for only one Trade Date ? How can I add multiple dates, it’s important from tax point of calculation and Long-Term capital gain calculations.


Hi @GauravSaini,

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At this moment, when shares are transferred, there is a single value of average price & trade date to be entered. We will surely evaluate if we can add multiple dates. Thank you !

Thanks for your quick response.
So, which date you recommend to enter now? The very first date or the last transaction date on which I purchased last number of shares?

Hi @GauravSaini ,

You can either enter first or last date but it will totally depend on your decision.

Hi @GauravSaini you can put in the average buy price. Refer to the sample computation done below.

Date Rate Buy Qty Amount
01-01-2023 100 10 1000
02-01-2023 102 10 1020
03-01-2023 104 10 1040
04-01-2023 105 10 1050
05-01-2023 90 10 900
06-01-2023 92 10 920
07-01-2023 94 10 940
08-01-2023 96 10 960
09-01-2023 98 10 980
10-01-2023 100 10 1000
Total 100 9810

Buy Avg 98.1

This will give you an insight of accurate PNL. However for tax perspective, you need to compute LTCG and STCG manually for those scrips.