How was Expiry? Let’s discuss 🤔

Market Synopsis

  • Indices shed today with Sensex and Nifty losing 390 and 110 points, respectively

  • Indices were under pressure today and shed 0.6%. Sensex closed above 57,200 pts and Nifty managed to keep itself above 17,000. IT, Bank, and Consumer Durable indices dragged.

  • Wipro shed 7%, while HCL and Sun Pharma gained.

  • India’s oil demand growth is expected to slow down next year due to a weakening global outlook.

Can’t talk more about Options because they expired!

How was your trading session today?

  • Good. Maza he aagaya!
  • I wish today was Saturday

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Today’s market was so great, even a noob like me made money in both directions long and short just i couldn’t resist my temptation of over trading and made some money but yeah today i was green :clinking_glasses:


Hello @UJBOLTE, welcome to the community. Sounds like it was a good trading session for you. To control your temptation of overtrading, you can use Trader’s control. (detailed video)

Did not trade as due to previous losses taken a break from trading and just observing.

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Market Synopsis - 22nd Dec

Today’s stock market saw a slight dip, with the Sensex down 254 points and the Nifty 50 falling 0.4%. Bank Nifty also closed in the red. In the broader market, most indices were down.

Overall it was a good day for traders, as the markets were directional.

Here’s a quick question for you: Why did the stock trader go to the zoo?

Because he wanted to see something bear-ish :bear:

Also, here is my trading strategy :sunglasses:

Now share yours!


Hardly trade on expiry so nothing

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