I am having 3 queries

I am having 3 big issues -

  1. I am being unable to withdraw my capital
  2. I am trying to change my primary account, but it is not happening on the web portal
  3. Android mobile app auto logout is really hazardous. Change it. It also doesn’t allow to login during closing hour particularly around and after 15:00pm. I am observing that regularly.

Please help immediately.

Hi @Krishnendu

Addressing your queries here.

  1. You can withdraw your funds from Dhan during market hours. There are recent changes in the regulations that affects the process, you can read more about the same here - Important: Changes in Funds Withdrawal Process at Dhan

  2. You can change the primary account from mobile app in that case. Web also works, we process requests everyday. Please share exact details with our Customer Support team on help@dhan.co

  3. There is no such issue as auto logout after 15:00 and doesn’t allow to login. Please check for any ad-blocker or network, or share exact details with our Customer Support team on help@dhan.co. In probability yuo may be login at a particular time in the morning, and the session possibly ends arrnd 15:00 PM.

auto login is good feature during live market prevent from login glitch