Iceberg orders in dhan tradingview with instant order placement

I love the dhan tradingview platform, especially the instant movement of trailing SL from the chart itself.
Recently started to increase my trade quantity and found that if I put an SL and the quantity is more than 1800 freeze limit in nifty I have to trail SL 2-3 times depending on no. of iceberg legs.
Can you guys make a feature wherein the whole quantity can be trailed instantly.
Would help a lot for a scalper like me

You pointed out very imp point here… thanks
I was about to shift my capital from fyers but now i will think.
thanks buddy.

Hi @Bagalsanket07 @Achchha_Bachcha

Thank you! We have noted your suggestion and we will try to integrate this into

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Also forgot to mention another downside of this system. As I’m an option buyer I can’t exit my 2-3 leg iceberg order from trading view chart as I have 2-3 SL orders pending (insufficient margin). First I have to cancel all 3 SL one by one and then exit my order. By that time the price might have already dropped from the target I was expecting. So having the whole quantity trailing SL cancelled in one click instead of 3 would also save a lot of time.

Hi @Bagalsanket07

Yes, we will surely evaluate this.