Important Note: 2FA Login for Dhan Web & TradingView users

Important Note: 2FA Login for Dhan Web & TradingView users

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying a peaceful weekend. Here is a quick and important update for Dhan users, especially those who frequently use Dhan Web console ( and Dhan TradingView console (

Starting today, you will require 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) to login across all trading platforms. Its a mandatory requirement and we had posted about this in detail back in July, full post is here for your reference: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is coming to Web Platform (Dhan & TradingView)

For Mobile Users:
Our trading apps (Dhan & Options Trader) have now been enabled to login with 2FA, which is biometric access with FaceID, Fingerprint or Device PIN.

For Web Users:
Fast Login with QR scan is now the default way to login to Dhan web platforms. This is super simple, easy and seamless. There is no need for our users to have extra 3rd party additional TOTP apps and go through the hassle of opening other apps with more complex processes.

To know how Fast QR login works, here is a quick video for you: How to do Super Fast Login on Dhan Web Trading Platform? | Quick Login through QR Code | Dhan - YouTube

Is there an alternate way outside of Fast QR login on the web?
Yes, you can simply click on the Hide QR code or QR icon below to switch to usual login with mobile number & password. But as you have chosen non-biometric user login mode, you will now have to confirm your login with an OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number and email address.

If you are an exchange registered trading client on Dhan, then biometric login is now mandatory as per the regulations.

Important Note: We request our users to do a hard-refresh of your browsers when you are on and next time for a seamless experience.

Thank you


Can you provide an option for Authy for TOTP?

Hi @Sahil - we do not have any plans for that at this moment. Fast Login with QR serves the purpose.

okay, Thanks for the update.

Hey @PravinJ ,

While most of the brokers are still catching up with 2FA, it’s absolutely delight to have a QR based easy and secure login!


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