Important Update: Customer Service & Experience at Dhan

The last decade has seen a major shift in every aspect of trading & investing behaviour. We at Dhan are building products for Traders & Investors who now are largely DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mode and self-execution, be it stock-selection, deciding on entry and exit points, chart and technical analysis, actual trade execution, managing open positions, etc.

We understand that the role of Customer Service (including Relationship Managers who were also doing customer expectation management) in this stock broking industry has changed from “doing things on behalf of the customers” to “empowering the customers” with what is needed to make their trading experience seamless.

In that sense, Customer Service at Dhan is not a role for a specific department or team, but for everyone, Product team designing the features, Engineering Team building it, and KYC, Operations & Risk teams handling all the backend processes like account opening, order & transaction verification and processing. Hence, you would find your queries being addressed on our different contact channels from not just the “Customer Service” team, but all teams, including Product, Risk, Operations, Engineering and also our Founders.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that we are here to resolve customer queries across all channels quickly. The love & admiration that we receive on social media & support channels motivates us to do better every day. Trading platforms are complex products, involving multiple entities (exchanges, regulators, third-party APIs, etc), so we understand there could be a few times where we may not be able to resolve a case asap but we make it a point to keep the users informed with the status.

More than just customer support as a function, we have set our processes and teams internally in a way that we are aligned to ensure customer queries are resolved and all feedback and suggestions go back to our product, technology, growth, design teams including our founders. This ensures we are able to ship products, features, enhancements at a faster pace.

We have different channels for Dhan customers to connect with our team mentioned below. Recently, we have seen a surge in the commodity trading segment (transactions that we did in a month in commodities, now we do the same in 3-4 trading days). To ensure we provide you the same seamless customer experience on Dhan, we are now extending our coverage of Customer Service till 12:00 midnight - this is across all our internal teams including Tech, Operations, KYC, Risk and more. We want to ensure that we are available across all trading hours in all segments.

Updated availability for Customer Service:

Phones (022 - 48906273): 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (all trading days + Saturdays)
Chat (via App & Web): 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM all days
Email ( 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM all days (you can write to us 24*7)
Twitter (@dhancares): 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM all days

PS: If you are getting responses early morning before 9:00 AM or after midnight, in probability you may be interacting with our Management or Founders.

Important Note: We very very rarely call our customers (only in unavoidable circumstances), and most of the time it is when you ask us to call you over phone. Please do not interact with anyone pretending to be from Dhan customer service, and as a precaution please do not share any personal information on such calls.

We keep on updating content on our Youtube channel as well for all our features, and our FAQ section has the most commonly asked questions for your reference. We are relatively very new and are constantly updating these libraries based on what our users ask.

Just would like to add that the idea of our Dhan community is to connect with our users, features & product announcements, feedback and suggestions for us and a forum for everyone to interact, or at times highlight and discuss features or scenarios impacting the users at large. We would also appreciate posts about industry trends/issues/innovation.

In case there are specific requests that require attention, we would request that user-specific cases are highlighted to our Customer Support channels (mentioned above) so it does not impact the community experience for other users.

We love to build and do what our users want, so we will be happy to receive your feedback on how we can make your Dhan experience even better.

Best Regards,
Jay K.
Head of Customer Experience, Dhan


No Doubt Dhans customer service is excellent

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