Improvement suggestion to make dhan to No 1

Dhan app need to be optimised it is not fast enough like Z
Keep minimum banner.
Global indices and global commodity with realtime feed with chart is highly required. If not possible please provide option to disable or remove.
BO order type is required for nse mcx which flat trade provides,
Charting many indicators missing.
Importantly prices not updating correctly n very difficult to trade crude gold.
Brokerage charge request you to make them negligible in competition with finvasia flat trade mstock
Global investing option should be available. Mutual fund sip with zerodha coin feature is must.
Stock screener is missing
Dhan web QR login need to be removed with normal method
Please keep only one app for trading investment

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Yeh… Tv.dhan need to be optimised. facing slipages while executing F&O orders…

Also like other compititors dhan should provide some plans with flat brokrage (No need of Zero Brokrage) for Day Traders only.