Improvement suggestion

Hi, the option chain interface is looking very clumsy with too many dynamic data variables. Need clean interface please. Attached screenshot for ideas. Thank you :slight_smile:

One more example.

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Hi @pratik01

Welcome to Dhan community and thank you for your feedback. We build our products based on insights from our users and rarely look a others when we design it, in-fact many of large existing players now have started copying our features, templates and copies, that’s ok :slight_smile:

We keep on improving our products looking at usage, patterns and user behavior. The current version of Option Chain is as a result of that.

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Hello @PravinJ

Thanks for your reply :white_check_mark:

Those are just the suggestions. We’re expecting cleaner (no too many colors) and big font interface. Sometimes the values freeze in the option chain, don’t know might be due to too much UI oriented(?).

We just need minimal UI but expect better experience in terms on order execution, no lagging, no freezing, no slippages.

The option chain doesn’t load instantly. It has Dhan logo loading interface just before option chain loads up.

We could work on these aspects🙏

Just minor suggestion.:blush: