In complete OI data

Hello, fellow traders,

I hope you’re all doing well in your trading endeavors. I wanted to share a recent experience that has had a significant impact on my trades, and I believe it’s important to discuss these issues within our trading community.
In the past few days, I’ve encountered a concerning problem on the Dhan Trading Interface - the OI (Open Interest) data provided turned out to be both inaccurate and incomplete. As many of you know, OI data is crucial for options and futures trading, and relying on incorrect information can result in substantial losses.
Here’s a brief overview of my experience and some steps I’ve taken to address it:

  1. Data Discrepancies: I noticed instances where the OI data on the Dhan Trading Interface did not match the actual market conditions. This led me to make trading decisions based on faulty information.
  2. Losses Incurred: Unfortunately, these discrepancies resulted in losses for my trades. It’s disheartening when you trust your trading platform to provide accurate data, and it falls short.
  3. PCR value remains unchanged at “1.00”.
  4. Exploring Alternatives: While I await resolution from the Dhan Trading Interface, I’m considering alternative platforms that offer more reliable OI data.
    I wanted to open up this discussion to hear if any of you have faced similar issues or if you have insights into handling inaccurate OI data. How do you cope with situations where the data you rely on for options and futures trading turns out to be unreliable?
    By sharing our experiences and strategies, we can collectively work towards minimizing losses and ensuring we make informed trading decisions, even in the face of data challenges.
    Please share your thoughts, experiences, or any tips you may have encountered in addressing similar issues. Together, we can navigate these challenges and strengthen our trading community.

Happy trading…

I am facing same issues. I have already written to Dhan team about PCR stuck at 1 for all index all expiry. From last Thursday, this is happening and no one is looking into this. I am also thinking of switching to other platform.