Incident Report: 14 July 2023

Dear Community,

We’re writing this post to address the incident that occurred this morning at 11:28 AM where there was an unexpected outage on one of our connections at our datacenter, NTT Netmagic, in Mumbai where our servers connect with the stock exchanges.

Our team became aware of the issue within seconds of it happening. Once identified, we quickly transferred orders to an alternate connection which took about 2-3 minutes. Unfortunately during this time, orders via that connection went into transit mode, and data feeds that were rendering charts for users went blank, as a result, these charts displayed empty candles in this time frame.

While we resolved the issue immediately, it took us some time to ensure that all in-transit orders were reconciled completely and updated. We also receive a high volume of inbound queries across all channels where we assist our users in closing all in-transit orders in our systems.

Technology aside, our highest priority was to resolve the issue quickly by diverting traffic, re-establishing the connectivity, and then reconciling the orders. On customer service, our highest priority was to ensure we assist users with square-off orders in transit. In the meantime, we also resolved the charts for our users. In-transit orders that were reconciled were updated based on exchange data and in such cases the order/trade dates will reflect the timestamp of the update of order.

This incident was unexpected and equally frustrating for us, and completely outside of our control. We have already escalated this with our datacenter at the highest levels and have also asked for a detailed root cause analysis of the incident.

Meanwhile, please be assured that our customer service teams are working diligently to reach out to affected users in our pursuit to provide you with the best possible experience.

Important Note:
Please note that we will reconcile all orders post-market hours today after 4:00 PM. It may be possible that today’s orders and positions will be intermittently available for select users after market hours while we complete the reconciliation process.

Do reach out to us at if you have any queries.




We see lots of orders as on pending status…can u check to resolve

Same here. Why the executed orders are now showing pending?

Please note that we are reconciling all orders right now. It may be possible that today’s orders and positions will be intermittently available for select users while we complete the reconciliation process. This will be auto updated shortly.

Idk how with 6k capital a trader can get a loss of 12k. Please reconcile my account and get my actual ammout to my account.

thanks issue has been resolved in the evening & i got the same as before for my all positions. but plz make sure nd Take necessary steps so that such issues or backend P&L calculation issues doesn’t repeat ! Make tv.dhan more lag free…

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Yes, we resolved that post downloading the final status of orders from exchanges.

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yes, noted resolved in the evening. Thanks

Who is the most tech reliable broker in India ?

Tech issues will keep on happening. What is important is how the broker stands with the customer and covers for his loss if any. Dhan did so !!!


Yes that is why am with Dhan. Saying “Everything is done for the customer” is very easy like the top broker keeps on doing. But walking that talk is difficult and they haven’t done that. When a broker like Dhan does it that shows the philosophy behind the company. As a trader and as a customer I shall therefore support them.