Individual order P/L on (Trade on Charts)

How do I see Individual order P/L on (Trade on Charts).

Say i have traded Nifty 13 APR 17500 CE at 1 PM and It made Profit of 5% which it shows.

But when I Trade the same strike again at 2 pm, it club the previous profit in the current trade.
So i am not able to access in a look how much my this new Trade in making until i exit and calculate each trade manually.

Pls suggest how do I see each Trade P/ L individually on (Trade on Charts)

While Trading on Charts or for that matter on any trading system, it will always show average prices if multiple trades are taken on same script. It’s a standard across all trading platforms.

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Thankyou for replying @PravinJ

I understand what you are saying, but trading on Chart has been evolved over time.

On Robinhood l, there is a choice on order terminal where you can check/ uncheck for comprehensive/ individual trade PnL display choice for user.

Can you pls get this enable or suggest how can I view it if available on dhan.

Hi @RajeshK If that were possible, we would have done this. US markets work differently, over there - the order matching can happen (and mostly happens to my limited knowledge) outside the exchange and then its reported to exchange post execution.

In India, order matching has to happen on exchange only. So not just us, even the exchange would know trades for user-level only post market hours in the settlement process. Hope this clarifies the complexities, as result it has effect on everything we do our trading systems.

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My Apologies @PravinJ

Looks like , I was not able to explain my query clearly.

My query has nothing to do with exchange level order or anything.
this is all about the calculations you do on your servers to visualise the PnL on Charts, which trader see and take decisions accordingly.

All I am saying is that give user a choice how he want to see his profit. - For Each Individual Unique Trade or Clubbed together

Here attaching a screenshot, where I have taken 02 trades on the same script to explain my case.,
PnL shown on the 1st trade is clear.

But when the same script traded twice, in the 2nd trade the PnL % goes haywire, and it clubbed the 1st trade profit with this new trade, hence it is very confusing for a trader to see on the fly that this 2nd trade is profitable or not or if profitable then how much %.

Pls do Something on it. We want to see unique PnL for each unique trade on Charts for better trade decisions.

Thanking you for your time.

@PravinJ Can we get this?

ok, so mods choose not to reply further on this query.

This is still unanswered

Hi @RajeshK

We have taken your suggestion and made a note of it.

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thankyou, hope it will be enabled soon

Hi @PravinJ @Divyesh,

Has this been enabled or is it possible to do now?

I am looking for a way to view the P&L of individual trades in real time for those particular individual orders without clubbing or averaging the viewable P&L with previous orders of the same Strike.

Thanks a lot…