Integration Request

Hi Team Dhan

One of the main thing i look when coming to Dhan that, you have implemented all good services like small case, ticker tape, and many other algo platforms, etc.

Likewise I would like to integrate Algobaba Stoxxo with Dhan- its a superfast trading bridge and algo software, am using it with all other my brokers and a wonderful product, if you can integrate it with Dhan it will be very easy to trade.

Expecting a positive action.

Thank you

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Hi @pulsetrader ,

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Thank you for your interest. Please drop a mail at, and we can take the conversation from there.

cc: @Naman

Sent mail to api team


Will check and take the conversation forward on mail. Thank you.

any update regarding this.

HI. I am not able to trade crude oil with trading view and dhan. Please guide

Hope you are trying to trade on, its all working fine.