Integration with TradeZella Trading journal platform

Hi team Dhan
requesting you to please made Integration with tradezella (World’s best-advanced trade journal platform)
As Dhan always look for new and advanced tools to help a trader to enhance their trading
As Dhan as Indias first broker who allow us to trade directly from tradingview with interagations i though this is the second best opportunity to integration with Tradezella currently form india only zerodha brokers are on the way to Integration with Tradezella i kindly request you team please u also look into this to make this integration possible that will help a lot the Dhan trader community
i am providing the platform link - #1 Trading Journal (

I hope soon we can see Dhan Integration with Tradezella

They have very advanced and good tools please look into this I am also requesting the dhan community members who is reading this post if you think this Integration will help you please comment below this post


Hello @Rohitsingh

We will definitely look into TradeZella and possibilities of integrating with them. At DhanHQ, our APIs are absolutely open for platforms and tools to integrate.

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This is a wonderful idea and would be game changing for Dhan as well. Please team, do check them out.

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Yes this will game changer for Dhan and trader’s also

We hope this will happen soon

While on this topic, Dhan is integrated with Anastrat: AnaStrat Trading Journal & Analytics: Now live for Super Traders of Dhan

Yes i agree i am already using Anstrat, but this platform is much more advanced that’s why i suggest you