Intraday profit and profit loss of transaction


Is there a workaround for these 3 issues facing in dhan which are different from my old icicidirect:

Case1) morning first thing done intraday order , got profit now how to use invested amount + profit for next intraday order same day ?? currently it holds profit part and give next day only for intraday orders ? used icici direct for a year and they give instant invested+profit in limit ?

Case2) open positions how to view profit loss of current entry…it shows overall day value of stock…
if multiple entries of same stock then confusing whether latest entry is in profit or loss ?

Case3) in icicidirect there was option Debit Peak margin now, is there any such option in dhan ?

please help on these three ?

any help possible on this?


Case 1: For Options, you can use the Profits the same day in same segment. For Equity and F&O, currently this is not available.

Case 2: Noted your feedback.

Case 3: Request if you can help with more details, or an example.

case3 users can click debit peak margin option in app and then we can transfer our limit money to bank immediate otherwise regular need to wait for next day…looking for same option in dhan?


Got it. The concept of Peak margin has undergone revision and the cases are very rare. At the same time, we have noted this and will check for used cases with the new regulations.