Introducing: 3 Months, 6 Month and 12 Month Timeframes on Dhan’s TradingView charts

Hello all,

At Dhan, we have always believed that investors and traders should get the best-in-class product & technology experience.

We have focused a lot more on building features that our users have asked from us and they also add value for many others. That said, we introduced features that will help you to trade better such as Trader’s Control to be a disciplined trader and avoid losses, Greeks in Option
, OI Indicators on Charts, and much more in recent weeks.

As they say ‘history repeats itself, and in trading - so do charts and patterns”. Charting helps you to understand that history through chart patterns and trends or price action. To help you with that - we are here with new higher time frames for a better understanding of your studies over a long-term horizon.

Introducing higher time-frames on Dhan Charts - now view 3, 6, and 12-month timeframes on TradingView charts

We believe this feature will help traders and investors to get a proper understanding of markets and trends over a long time. And we absolutely like to build features that help our users make better decisions.

Higher time frames are now available across all of our apps (Dhan & Options Trader) & web trading consoles (on and also where we showcase TradingView charts.

Building a product with an unbeatable experience, by listening to your valuable suggestions.
Do let us know your experience. As always, there is more to come on Dhan.

Additional note for Dhan’s charts users:
We have continued to optimise Dhan’s charting experience with TradingView, and our daily traders now know that load times on our charts have improved a lot across all timeframes.

On and off we get reports of lost of connectivity for few users, we are trying to isolate such cases - request you to please report the same on with your registered mobile number, ISP and scrip for which you experienced it - we want to ensure we charts experience gets better and exceeds your expectations at all times.

Thank you


हयाबद्दल खूप खूप आभारी आहोत.
जे लोकं demand zone आणि supply zone वर काम करतात त्यांच्यासाठी ह्याचा सगळ्यात जास्त फायदा होणार आहे.


You guys have just breached all the sky limits. :heart: