Introducing: Auto-Slice Order APIs - now place orders above Freeze Limits directly with auto execution via APIs

Hello All,

We have always strived to offer our customers the best product that the traders & investors in India have ever seen. Our DhanHQ trading and data APIs is one such offering which the trade and tech geeks absolutely love. Our APIs are lightning fast for execution, just like all our products & platforms.

Dhan APIs are also now used by some of the largest & best trading platforms in industry - including TradingView, Tata Capital, smallcase, Gocharting, Algobulls, Tradetron and more. We have seen users integrate and go live within minutes using our Python Library.

Dhan becomes better everyday. Similar to all our products, now we continue to enhance our APIs and are further excited to announce a new addition - Auto Order Slicing API.

Introducing: Order Slicing API on DhanHQ

To reduce the hassle for traders, we have already introduced auto slicing on all of our platforms whenever the order quantity is above Exchange Freeze limits. This helps super traders execute large trade quantities without worry about freeze limits and it changes, but rather focus on what is important - Trading!

Now we are extending the same Order Slicing capabilities and features to our DhanHQ APIs.

Order Slicing APIs help you slice a single order into multiple legs to avoid scenarios of rejected order due to freeze limits. Earlier, users had to execute an order multiple times in order to keep quantity below the freeze limit, making it difficult for them to maintain quantities across different orders.

Now, with this Order Slicing API, you can seamlessly execute large size orders without worrying about order rejections or to call the same API multiple times for placing a single order.


To slice any order, you just need to add /slicing in the order placement API and keep every other request parameter the same. You can read the detailed documentation on DhanHQ API Documentation.

Moreover, you can try all of the Dhan HQ APIs directly on the open web at - page where you can test APIs and get machine generated curl commands in almost all programming languages.

Please note: Brokerage will be charged as per the number of legs in which the order is sliced.

As always, Happy Trading!

– Hardik


Awesome – can you also look into this too – connecting to algobaba stoxxo.

Hi @deepdj

Yes, we have marketdata API that is being provided for select partners at this point of time. We aim to make this available for all soon.

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thanks pravin- your platform is showing amazing scale up. I will move completely once that is available. thanks.

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Thank you, trying our best to build products that traders & investors want.

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@Hardik :fire::fire::fire:
All we need is Websocket now. Thanks a Lot!

Thanks Sirji, pls do Bring Websocket Soon !

Hi @Hardik , @PravinJ , Will this feature be coming as part of your python library also? When can we expect that?

Hello @stanly_thomas

We will soon be updating our python library as well. You can expect it in the next pypi update.