Introducing: Dhan’s Standard Order Window on TradingView ( with Margin Requirements

Hello Super Traders on Dhan,

I am sure by now you are all aware of how deeply Dhan is integrated with its charting partner - TradingView. Needless to say, TradingView is one of the preferred partners of Dhan in India and we continue to collaborate with them to bring lots of innovations and products for Super Traders in India. As of now we have different offerings with TradingView:

  • TradingView + Dhan Console (
  • Dhan on Trading panel (First broker in India)
  • Trade via iOS app (First broker in India)
  • Trade using TradingView Alert & Pine Script with WebHooks (First broker in India)
  • TradingView Charts on Dhan platforms with Direct Trade on Charts facility across all Platforms (First in India)

Not just that, Dhan continues to ensure we offer the most updated charting library from TradingView for our Traders across all our platforms - Dhan Web & App, Option Trader App & Web and our Dedicated TradingView console on

All these offerings have their own unique utility and complement each other for trading. As always we make a continuous effort to improvise our products and deliver the best-in-class experience based on your feedback & suggestions.

One such request was to show Margin Requirement on Order Window while placing an order on We wanted to keep the native order window on such that it has the same experience. We had a few challenges to show the margin requirements here. But we heard you and now brought the Dhan order window experience for you, live for everyone.

Introducing: Dhan Order Window with Margin Requirement on

The native order window is kept the same, no changes there, you can use and access it in the same way as earlier. In addition to that you can use this new order window also. There are two ways to access the new order window with margin requirement :

  • Right-click on a chart and select “Trade from Dhan”
  • Click the ‘B’ or ‘S’ button from the top menu bar

Once you click to action, the Dhan mini-order window will open. This window is exactly the same that you experience on other Dhan platforms.

Select the preferred product type, order type & transaction type. Yes, you can now trade in MTF also on (more about MTF here). In a later version of updates, you will also find the option to put Iceberg/Slice order from this order window. Below in the last row, you can find the margin required to successfully place this order, along with the available balance in your trading account.

More Updates: Create a New Layout

Right now, to create a new layout, one needs to make a copy of the existing layout, make changes & rename it. We know this is a poor user experience. This also makes the layout memory heavy and in turn, affects the charts/platform performance. Now you can also create a new layout from User Settings. It is advisable to create any new layout from here.

This was all for today. Please experience these features and share your feedback with us.

Thanks and Happy Trading,


Hi @Naman ,

Nice to see the standard order window on TV! :clap:

Is this new Standard Order Window supposed to be in sync with Default Product (User Settings)?

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Thanks a ton team dhan for bringing new features time to time for dhan user.

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Thanks. Much needed improvement indeed. Dhan has been improving a lot for good lately! Kudos.

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Please see if this can be implemented. I don’t think it should be a problem because when a feature is present in option chain, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement the same in futures chain

Hi @Naman Thanks for the update please make Dhan’s Standard Order Window on TradingView ( with Margin Requirements as default Order Window when we buy from chart layout it self so it saves times for Traders or give us settings to keep the desired Order Window while placing order from Charts

and also please save our default product ( User setting default order type) also

Thanks in Advance

Hi @TheRadhaKrishna

We will surely check on how we can make it default or provide user based preference settings to enhance our user’s experience. Thankyou for your feedback !