Introducing Forever Orders (with OCO) on Sell Side


While you connect with our team, just to clarify, if you have an open Buy F&O position (overnight), and you wish to put a stop loss and target for squaring-off that position, you can do so by putting a Sell OCO order.

And if you have an open Sell F&O position (overnight), and you wish to put a stop loss and target for squaring-off that position, you can do so by putting a Buy OCO order.

To place the OCO order, you need to again search for the scrip in which you have the open position, and select Foreover Order.

The OCO order is a Normal order type. For Intra-day F&O trading, you may use Bracket Order.

We have noted your feedback for an OCO order type, where you can place all the legs via 1 order, that is, Fresh position (Buy/Sell) + Square off (Stop Loss & Target). Similarly, we already have feedback from users to have this option available from the positions page, and for intra-day orders as well.

This is our first iteration of the OCO order. We will continue working to make this experience seamless.


if possible make and YouTube video for user who are confused .


Feedback noted. We will try to bring in a video explaining the same.

oco order has not buy price with stop loss or target
Like intralay bracket order
Bracket order has a three price option
all option in one windows like bracket order

Make sure like this upstox

Hi @sarwan0029

We have address your feedback here :

Finally Forever order for equity sell side is release for mobile App. OCO is not there but good to start with this.

Thanks @Naman @Sameet and all Dhan Team.


Hi Team,

forever order are executing well now without slippage from the past few days I noticed. So, I think it is cracked by you. Just wanted to know if the OCO forever is also coming or need to wait more as it is already implemented in options

Hi @nx.vijay,

Thanks for your feedback, we will surely explore if we can bring it.

Please bring the OCO feature on forever order as well as it will be quite helpfull fo swing traders. With DPPI in place this will be the icing on cake for sing traders. Please consider

Hi @Arathivp , Welcome to Dhan Community.

We have replied over here : Upcoming Features on Dhan: For AMJ '23 (April, May & June 2023) - #17 by Arathivp

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This option is not available for positional or short-term traders in cash equity segment. Please introduce the same.

why i canโ€™t see OCO orders option on my exisiting buy positions in app. Rather i have to go search the call or put option & then input my conditions under OCO ?

I placed Forever Order of Sell type for delivery Equity.
It did not trigger today even the price went a lot below trigger price!
I had to manually create a sell order.
Please resolve.

Iโ€™m not impressed with Forever order. Forever order should be place an order and forget.

Let me explain in deatails.

We should allow to place single forever order with all the option like Trigger price, Buying price, stop loss and finally target.

When this feature came, belive me itโ€™s very helpful for Traders.

Every trader will chear up and like this awesome.

I am waiting, Dhan product team will think at once.

Currently Upstock is providing such feature.


Hi @PujaThakur,

Yes, our Product team already has this suggestion with them. Thanks for your feedback.

Any specific time line to provide this facility

I am waiting for it. Refer screenshot for GTT Orde how beautiful designed.


Hi @PujaThakur

We have your feedback with us, if we come up with any update we will surely let you know.


@PujaThakur @sarwan0029 Me too made same topic regarding GTT with detailed explanation.

Bring update on gtt order system/function

Hopefully we should ship it this monthโ€ฆ itโ€™s already in development. @Pradhan @PujaThakur


thank you for the update !!! waiting :crossed_fingers: