Introducing Group Positions: Now Manage Your Open Positions More Effectively

Hi Everyone,

At Dhan, we want you - our Super Traders to be profitable. As traders become smart with trading, we want Dhan to be your smart partner.

We have been taking feedback from our users, more particularly from traders in the past few months. We met many traders & trading groups when we visited Surat, and most recently to Ahmedabad, and received more insights on how traders are actually using Dhan and their inputs that are helping us to build new products & offerings.

Some features we built from scratch at Dhan based on feedback we got is - ability to Manage your Positions in-depth, Reverse Orders in single tap, enabling Instant Orders via TradingView console, Draft Orders, and ofcourse Basket Orders with margin benefit for traders to place multiple orders at same time. And with the launch of the very powerful Options Trading App - we now witness many trades doing multiple traders in Options and Futures.

Now that we saw traders taking a few positions at the same time, we wanted to make their experience of managing these positions better. For example, if you have multiple positions on Nifty or Bank Nifty - how do we make it easier for traders to be on top of them?

This is a problem to be solved even for the best of traders. You may have executed a basket, executed a pre-built strategy, or taken an additional trade to hedge your position - and all of this decides your P&L based on the movement of your underlying spot price of Index or Stock.

Introducing: Group Positions on Dhan

We are now super happy and excited to announce the introduction of Group Positions. Now, with a single tap - you can switch all your positions from list view to group view.

With group positions, based on the underlying assets on a single tap now you can see all the following:

  • View Combined P&L for all positions based on all underlying
  • View individual P&L for every open position
  • Manage every single position individually
  • Select and Exit one or more than one open positions in a go
  • Most importantly, track underlying spot or index price and in a single view and see how movement in this changes your P&L

Is that all, no! You can also add more positions directly from here - in turn making managing your positions even more smarter.

At Dhan, we are focussed on building a platform that makes traders - profitable, help them manage their positions better, ensure risks are taken care of and at any time traders are in control.

The positions will be grouped on the basis of common underlying and the group will include all segments like Futures, Options & Equity.

How to use this feature

:arrow_right: Go to the positions section

:arrow_right: Tap on the three-lined icon on the top right corner

:arrow_right: Tap on the icon, and all your positions will be grouped.

:arrow_right: Here you will see the real-time Profit or Loss of each group

And an option to add more to the group and manage them.

We are live with this feature on the Dhan mobile app and very soon we will be releasing the same for the Dhan Web & Options Trader app as well.

This feature will help you to declutter your position window and will help you manage them more efficiently.

Do let us know about your experience.

Upwards and Onwards with Dhan.



Am unable to find the three lined icon on top right corner in web or mobile dhan / option trader app. Is this in the new version of mobile app yet to be released to public ?

Hi @t7support ,

Yes this is available in the new version of the Dhan app. Request you to update it.

Please find the link here


is there an option to square-off all open positions through the webhook feature as well?


Hi @KumarCC2

There is no explicit option to exit all positions through webhook. Though you can create the basket of your positions , with opposite transaction side and trigger with a condition using webhook feature.

Just FYI we do have single tap exit all positions on web, tv+dhan, dhan app & Options Trader app.

I actually do pyramid my position depending on movement, hence my position increases in due process and opposite transaction remains static and webhook would trigger only the pre-defined qty

Hence, I have to manually exit the remaining qty. so I asked this question.

V1.0.21 is what I have. That seems to be latest. It doesn’t have the three lined icon on top right corner. I have cleared the cache and tried too. No update button is seen on play store.

You could generate individual order exit alerts if you are using strategy.order(). Then trigger exit basket with just one unit but executed as many times the order exit alerts come.


We roll out the updates in phased manner so as to not hamper the live trading experience of the users. You should be able to update the app in a while.

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Ok thanks. I was just wondering where it is :sweat_smile:

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Updated the app. Awesome feature.

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Glad you liked it. More powerful features are in the pipeline.

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Pls bring this on web as well.

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Yes, feedback noted.

Please make a short video on this and put on your youtube channel and telegram channel.

Now live on web as well: Manage Positions easily on Dhan Web - Introducing Grouping of positions


Thanks @PravinJ. Loving the Dhan experience.

On Web, once we click on group view the sorting capability isn’t available for grouped positions. Please add this. Also once we disable the group view and we go back to the original view sorting facility is lost. We need to refresh the page once more to re enable the sorting feature. Pls fix this.

Once the grouped view is clicked even the closed position sorting is not working. Please fix.

Fantastic Feature, Regular User of this. Very convenient

Feature Requests -

-If You could add P&L alert for these Grouped Positions would help Traders with Less Screentime.
-Strategy/payoff for these Grouped Positions Incl closed positions can Help us Option Writers