Introducing: KYC Control Centre for Dhan

Hello @Anirudha , I have modified my email address and then i got email from kra to validate mobile mobile number and email address i can able to validate but in last after sign in to digilocker it will redirect to another link it is showing blank. I have shared the screenshot in above conversarion.
If i check my kyc in Dhan it is still not validated i am sharing the screenshot

@Anirudha is there any update? this is making it so much inconvenient and i am getting frustrated now. A simple KYC validation process is taking so long. i cannot exit take any trades for the last 10 days. can you please help in resolving this quickly?

Hi @ankijain29,

This should now be resolved. Request you to check your trading status on Monday and let us know.

Hi @mansa,

You account is validate and ready to trade. Request you to check and let us know on Monday.

As per the latest update here, for status as “KYC-Registered” now and not validated ( this is in case of non-Aadhar OVD for initial registration given as I understand since Aadhar related ones is already taken care or blocked if not validated) it seems there will be email/mobile re-validation, my only doubt if this is Dhan triggered or KRA’s would do it from their side?

Pasting below points seen, any help would be appreciated-
11… …where the
KRA can perform PoI/PoA document verification but cannot validate from official
database, the KYC status of such records will be updated as “KYC Registered”

  1. For existing investors mapped with SRIs in KRA system as on August 31, 2023, the
    KYC record in KRA system in Registered or Validated status will continue to be
    allowed transactions by the SRI as per SEBI Circular. During the period September
    2023 to November 2023, KRAs will validate the Email / Mobile of KYC Registered
    investors and if it could not be validated / verified in some cases, such KYC records
    will be moved to “On Hold” status w.e.f. December 1, 2023 and will not be allowed to
    transact by the SRI as per SEBI Circular.
    SRIs are requested to advise their investors in this regard so as to smoothly complete Email /
    Mobile verification. Further, if any of these cases require updation in Email / Mobile, Intermediaries
    are requested to submit the KYC modification request."

Hi @Cooldude,

This will be triggered from our end soon to relevant set of users.

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Hi @Anirudha ,

Your feature has a bug. When it fetches data from the UIDAI API, it does not process all the fields. This resulted in my partial address being updated on CVL KRA and I had to rely on Groww to fix it because complaining to the support team was taking too much effort and still they aren’t admitting it.
Dhan is known to be agile and this is somewhat surprising for me as a customer.

Hi @anirudhgandhi,

We spoke. We sincerely apologize for the discrepancy in your address. We have identified the issue and the same has been highlighted to our engineering team.

Hi @JayK @Anirudha , While the KYC is validated, i am facing another issue that i am unable to place any orders for trading. The system says Client is Disabled for Trading. How can i resolve that?

This should be good now. Request you to please check again and let us know.