Introducing Nomination Facility on Dhan - Now Add & Update Nomination to your Demat & Trading Account

There’s a reason our app is named Dhan - it is synonymous with wealth.

We believe investments in equity / stock markets for the long term is the one of the best and most legit ways to create wealth for any individual in India. Dhan, on your behalf, not only provides a great investment platform for executing your trades (all at lightning fast :zap:) but also a very reliable and seamless experience.

More than that, Dhan acts a secure vault for all your holdings (held in your demat account) and information about your trades and portfolio available on the app & web. So it only makes sense that investors in stock markets are able to pass on this wealth to the person of their choice, in the event of their unfortunate demise. Or rather, always have a nominee linked to their investment and trading account on Dhan or even with any other broker.

Market regulations have changed to make investments simpler, seamless and digital. While SEBI had introduced online KYC a few years ago, it was only as recently as last year that an online nomination facility was facilitated and now we are excited to bring this to Dhan.

Starting today, you will now be able to add up to 3 nominations to your Dhan account account. We are providing this facility to all our investors for Free when they add nominees for the first time.

Continuing with our philosophy to provide all features in a digital and completely paperless manner, we are now live with the facility for Dhan users to add their nomination directly on the Dhan app. Also as an industry-first feature, we are also bringing the option to modify nominees to Dhan - this can be done online and Dhan is the first platform to enable this.

Once an investor has placed their first trade on Dhan, the nomination feature will automatically get unlocked for you. We strongly encourage you to use this. Make sure you fill all the details correctly, including the email address and phone number of the nominee.

Soon, we will introduce an option to allow you to choose if you want to inform your nominee if the account is inactive for a period greater than one year.

We feel this is the first step of a major account management which we’ve enabled in a paperless format and soon, we will introduce more of them.

We keep listening to the user feedback and suggestions, it helps us improve the Dhan experience for you. Keep sharing more with us. Thank you.

Product @ Dhan

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