Introducing: Open Trading & Demat account on Dhan on Web. Live Now!

Onboarding experience on Dhan has always been super-fast. We have tracked this from day 1; and over 90% of users complete their onboarding journey in less than 10 minutes.

Up until now, you could open your Dhan account only via our Mobile (Android or iOS) app or even the Options Trader app. Few months back, we had promised our users (especially traders on the web) that we will bring a full experience to the Dhan Web, so here we are making Dhan better, everyday.

Introducing Trading & Demat Account Opening & Onboarding via Dhan Web!

We notice thousands of users visit our website everyday. Usually, our users add their mobile number to receive the download link (to iOS App Store or Google Play Store) on their mobile. Despite onboarding via app, our Super Traders come back to the web for the experience that suits them best. This includes:

  1. TradingView on Web (
  2. A whole new experience on Dhan Web (with refreshing updates coming every week)

Our power users use multiple screens and trading setups and in these cases, the web experience on Dhan outshines! Check out a recent campaign we ran, where we gifted our users monitors to supplement their setup.

So to make the entire journey seamless and continuous, you can now open your trading & demat account on Dhan from the web. Simply start your journey by adding your mobile number on our website ( and you will be redirected to the next step of our onboarding process.

Yes, your KYC & account open process will be done at the same lightning fast speed that we promise always.

Here’s an Youtube video which explains the process in detail:

PS: Like most of our very engaged super traders and investors of Dhan, we will still recommend that you keep using Dhan Mobile Apps along with your web experience.

As always, if you face any issues at all, get in touch with us here, share suggestions on or seek customer service at and we’ll be on it right away!

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