Introducing Partnership with Tickertape

Hey investors,

We have heard the stories of some relatives who have held a particular stock for the long-term and made a handsome return out of it. These stories motivate us to find these potentially top stocks and stay invested for the long-term, say 10 years.

Compounding will do its magic after that.

I’m sure you are aware that there are too many stocks (7400+) on the market and too little time to scan and track every company and its fundamentals (unless you are a computer). The solution? Invest smarter, not harder with Dhan’s deep integration with Tickertape!

What will you get?

  • Discover investment opportunities with Stock Screener and Mutual Fund Screener

  • Evaluate investments inside out using Asset Pages

  • Know the big investors’ outlook on a stock with Stock Deals

  • Track the emotion that is ruling the street with Market Mood Index

  • Track the performance of stocks and mutual funds using Watchlist

Now, analyse great businesses on Tickertape and mark them as long-term investments on Dhan to make all those financial dreams come true.

Wait, we have something more for you. Log in to Tickertape with your Dhan account now and get Tickertape 3 months subscription for FREE.

Dhan coupon code: DHANOFF

Happy Investing!


-The code is valid for the next 15 days only

  • User needs to login into the tickertape through Dhan credentials

  • The code is applicable for only 3 months plan

Growth Team


Great going Dhan team :+1:

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Great Dhan team
when you integration with Quicko ? Many user requested this in past

We are in the process. Will surely let you know once it’s done.

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Great to know about this partnership? Will surely join the 3 months free plan of tickertape.

Sir, will there be any similar partnership with sensibull or you will make such a product within the dhan options?

Sensibull really helps us in position sizing, and it is associated with numerous discounted and non-discounted brokers.

Using zerodha is easy for options due to tight integration with sensibull.

Your view or plan on this, please

Hi @dexter

For Options Trading, we have dedicated app - Options Trader by Dhan (Options Trader - Options Trading App Built for India | Dhan), its industry first by any Stock Broker and has tons of information that even other paid platforms do not provide, many of Dhan’s Options Trading users are on that.

You can read more about Options Trader here: Options Trader App is now Open for All. Download and Get Started!

One of the biggest asks of our existing users is to bring Custom Strategy Builder and also bring this to web. We are working on this, and yes as always from Dhan - it will be miles ahead.


Finally was able to get the 3 months for free after disengaging the other brokers which were seen connected despite signing with Dhan Account. Thank you so much :pray:

@dexter did not follow, did you get the subscription for TickerTape or no? Please let know.

Yes Sir, I got the three month subscription to tickertape. Thank you so much.

I couldn’t get it earlier even after signing it with dhan credentials was because in the profile previous broker zerodha was connected and had to disconnect and re-connect with dhan and it’s credentials to apply the coupon code readily mentioned therein.

Thank you for enquiring :pray:

Most welcome @dexter. Enjoy your Dhan experience.

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Sure Sir. Thank You so much once again. :pray:

The coupon DHANOFF is not working after connecting Tickertape with Dhan Account. It shows the error that, this coupon is not applicable for this account. Please find the error screenshot attached.

I already have dhan options app, but not using as I prefer web interface and haven’t checked out for strategy builder within it yet. But it would be certainly a game changer if it could get the custom strategy builder and everything what Sensibull and Opstra does. Backtesting and paper trading too for the newbies.

Dhanyawad :pray:

Hi @Gitesh1 ,

If you had logged in to tickertape through other brokers, request you to please log out and then again login through your Dhan account.

I have also DMed you asking for your registered email id, will get it checked.

How much more time it will take to integration with quicko?

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Work in progress. Will surely let you know once we plan on releasing it.

Hi @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande I have observed that the fundamental data that you are showing and other platforms data are different I am not talking about the way of showing the data but the values are different than other platforms like for eg. Tcs net profit is something around 53k but it’s showing total profit as net profit on your platform. Please check and fix this issue

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