Introducing: Pledge Shares for Margin Benefit

I have more than 50℅ cash margin available but still attracting intrest. How if you provise 50℅ cash margin then you will take intrest. How can you charge now.

How can it be right you charging on evry colletral amount

I have provided 50 % as cash requirent even more than that

Hi @Anmolgupta,

Seems there is a confusion. Our team will call and clarify this to you. If you are maintaining required cash margin, DPC will not be charged.

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Hi @Dhan,

I just moved some of my holdings from zerodha to Dhan and I have entered the correct price for it too, but I’m not seeing pledging as an option and also trade history is showing 0. when can I expect the holdings to be available for pledging?

Hi @erankitjain,

As checked, holdings available in your portfolio are eligible for pledging.

It would be helpful if you could share scripts details and some more details at so we can have this checked.

ahh it is on my family account, which I’m transferring and not in my own account… let me share the details on email.

Hi – this 50/50 rule is only applicable for non-cash pledges - right?
In case of Cash components – it depends on the haircut - right? Like 85% from pledges and rest from cash.

Or even if I pledges the Cash components - it will be 50-50?

Hey @Suvra ,

Apologies for missing this. You are right, incase of cash component 50-50 margin rule will not apply.

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Sebi has told cash/cash equivalents, why r considering it to be only cash???

When we pledge our own stocks as collateral for 50% and own liquid cash equivalents for rest 50%, then why are you charging interest for not maintaing cash… It’s mentioned as cash/cash equivalents rite??

Hi @Santosh130 welcome to Dhan community!

Interest will be applicable in case of non maintenance of either Cash/Cash Component. If interest is still charged then please DM us your details at for further clarification.

Yesterday on call I was told I need to maintain cash only at any cost, otherwise interset will be charged… I am trying from last 5 days to get a clarification, no one is providing me correct information till now

Even am skeptical about certain points on the utilization of cash and non-cash margin.
Some senior executive Simran promised to mail me in this regard but failed. And am disappointed.

With regard to your query please note that you’ll have to maintain positions in the cash: collateral ratio of 50:50, failing which interest will be levied.

Ex: If you take positions that require a margin of Rs 1 lakh, you will need at least Rs 50,000 in cash irrespective of how much collateral margin you have. Assuming you don’t have this Rs 50,000, whatever you are short on the cash/cash equivalents, interest charges will be applicable for that amount of 0.035% per day or 12% p.a on the shortfall in the cash margin requirement.

The collateral margin received by pledging cash component securities can be used fully towards any margin requirement for your open positions. You will not be required to maintain cash separately if the collateral from cash component securities covers the margin requirement.

The collateral margin received by pledging non-cash component securities can be used only up to 50% of the margin requirement for your open positions the remaining 50% margin needs to come in the form of cash or cash equivalent collateral.

Is is same like this at DHAN also?? This was the explanation given by other brokers

Dear @Santosh130 ,

The explanation you shared is correct and Dhan works in the same manner. Incase you are using cash/cash equivalent as margin, you will not be charged any interest.

In Dhan’s case, we charge an interest of 0.0438% per day incase the collateral is non cash & you do not maintain 50-50 margins.

Product @ Dhan

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Yesterday on call I was told interest will be charged…

Aur ek clarification chayiye tha, if I have excess cash and at the same time I have cash equivalents and non cash equivalents also, why r u people blocking cash directly even though when u have required cash equivalents and collateral correctly???

Hey @Santosh130 , as per our RMS policy, we first use free cash & then use any collateral whether it is cash or non cash.

Hii ,ma’am… The case case of @Vipin42 , will be same for Equity trading as well or not?

Let’s say … I recieved 90,000Rs after Pledging and I use 50,000Rs in a trade , so as … I am utilising 50K for equity trading (not FnO)… So interest rate i.e. 0.05% a day will be charged daily only on 50% of utilised fund i.e on 25,000Rs … (12.5Rs per day)

Am I correct? If not kindly enlighten me…
Waiting for your responses…!

And you are doing great guys… We love Dhan :heart:

Hey @BlackRock711

Interest of 0.0438% will be charged daily on 50% of the utilised amount in the above case.


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