Introducing: SGX Nifty + Global Indices + Live VWAP on Dhan

The world is becoming interconnected as a result of massively increased trade & business dependencies. We are getting closer with other countries and also depending on each other to an extent that any changes globally now impact our own stock exchanges and also possibly have impact in our economies.

Where stock markets represent the economy of a country it’s necessary to track and make more informed decisions. Starting today, we are releasing some features that will help you track global economies on Dhan app & web (coming soon).

Introducing SGX Nifty in Index Tracker

What do Super Traders in India look up to when they wake up in the morning, while Indian Stock Exchanges have not opened up yet? Yes - you know it, it’s SGX Nifty.

Starting today, we have included SGX Nifty right inside the Index Tracker on Dhan app & web dashboards. For traders who get anxious on how NIFTY will open, or what the direction of the market is going to be like - this one is a good indicator, well almost. :slight_smile:

Introducing: Global Indices

Now track global market indices on the Dhan App without switching multiple windows.
For a long-term investor in India, the need could be the interest rate decided by the Fed, or the prices of commodities if he is invested in stocks like Indian Companies that depend on global trades either via imports or exports.

And for a trader, it can be looking up to the Global Markets and predicting the sentiments and then predicting the opening of the Indian Markets, or a policy change in a certain country or other.

So let’s assume you are on a go and have predicted the Opening of the Indian markets with the help of global indices and decided to take a trade.

Introducing: Live VWAP on Dhan

While Dhan makes it easier for you to analyse charts and indicators via phone. We got your back with one more interesting feature! Introducing to you Live VWAP on both Dhan & Options trading App.

VWAP is the volume-weighted average price. It is the average of prices rationalised by volume for an interval, session, or day. Usually, it starts with respect to the start of the day. It is believed that this is the point of a pivot from where price trends reverse intraday.

We have come up with the live-feed tabular visualisation for VWAP of a particular stock for multiple time frames. It starts with 1 min and goes up to 1hour.

Bringing you the best and industry-first features since day one. Hope these product & feature improvements help you stay on top of the markets and take informed investing & trading decisions. All these features are available on the App and will be soon available on the Web.

Do let us know your feedback. We listen to you :slight_smile:



:arrow_right:Can we have option to get notifications of news
:arrow_right:In live real times trade can we get indication whether the trades are on buy or sell side
:arrow_right:In movers can we get option to change the indices (currently able to see only nifty 50 stocks )

hey @shraddha ,

Global indices on the same trading app, truly amazing :star_struck:


Hey @shraddha @PravinJ ,

If possible please bring these as well, since they do affect the Indian markets


Options Traders App वर SGX NIFTY+Global Indices दिसत नाही.

Hi @nnJhavarePatil

SGX Nifty and VWAP have gone live on Options Trader app. Global Indices will be available in a few days.

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Easy access Required for Global Indices and news

Requesting Global Indices and news add to easy access in Dhan app.
Please refer attached screenshot. From main screen “Swipe to Right” there is Profile Screen.
If get Global Indices and news Screen to Left “Swipe to Left” it will be helpful.

Question : What is the source of the global indices data? I mean from where the data is being fetched?

  1. Can you give an option to add other global indices as well.

  2. Feedback Please add an option where in one can add global indices in the watchlist instead of going in multiple menus in the app.

Regards, Sahil

Hi @Sreerajpv ,

Thanks for your suggestion & feedback. We will surely evaluate how we can bring in easier access to the global indices & news section to all the users.

Also curious to know, as a trader which all indices do you track to make trading decisions?

Hi @Sahil ,

We work with multiple partners for fetching global indices data. For SGX Nifty, as you might already be aware, there’s a joint venture between NSE & SGX which will enable traders to trade in Nifty Futures & more. We have also setup our office in GIFT city to enable SGX Nifty data in real time.

  • It would be really helpful which all other global indices would you like to see, will surely evaluate to bring them on.

  • This is a good suggestion. Will have surely discuss & evaluate it internally if we can enable users to add global indices in the watchlist.

Hi @RahulDeshpande

I will be glad to hear that, if we can add global indices in the watchlist directly. I thought if its being fetched from a single source like eg then We should be able to fetch any public index available I feel. Or if its being fetched from multiple partners then the implementation would be tricky. But at least adding what is being fetched to watchlist should be there for convenience.

Attached the Screen short All other Global Indices that i check.

About the News some days only getting notification from the Dhan app.

On the screenshot there is lots of news but today not received any notification.

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Hi @Sreerajpv

Few days back there were bit excessive notifications to our users because of the news service, post that we have paused notifications temporarily. We want the service to be of use, but not send too many alerts. We will update it in few days.

Both Dhan app have off/on options for news services, Can manage news notification with options ?
If get news notification from Dhan app i can delete another demat app that i installed only for receive news alerts. Dhan & that app providing same news at same time so i think to delete that app but
Dhan app stopped News alerts.

Why Vwap and volume not displayed on charts for indices. I can see its working in tradingview and working fine in trading view on other broker apps. Please let us know.