Introducing: Sticky Order Window for Scalpers & Intraday Traders

Hello All,

With more users joining us by the day and sharing their feedback with us, we are also getting some specific requests from traders which we feel are important to execute.

It’s always great for us to hear feedback from our users and also their suggestions, many of these help us drastically improve our product & user experience.

With more interactions with intraday traders, particularly scalpers - we realised that many of our traders now use trading from charts and mobile app simultaneously. Some of the features intraday traders and scalpers use most on Dhan are - Trader Controls, Trailing Stop Loss, Instant Orders on Charts, Reverse Orders, Grouping of Positions, Draft Orders and likes of these.

One thing we always heard was - at times, specially when scalping it takes 2-4 extra taps to execute order once again if they had to. We are glad we could come up for a solution for this with - Sticky Order Window.

Introducing Sticky Order Window for Faster Execution!

It often happens when your scalping setup brings you a trading opportunity, you enter the trade and then you realise you should add more. So instead of going back to the positions and tapping on “add position” to create more of it you might miss out on your price range.

Now with the Sticky Order window, you add multiple positions of the same script without switching the screens. What’s more? This is a latest addition to your already favourite Trading Controls and on Dhan, we also help you keep a count of the orders placed via Sticky Window.

Try this, as a scalper or intraday trader - you will love the Instant Order placement experience this brings on Dhan. Also this brings you a choice - to execute large orders either as Iceberg Orders or through Sticky Order Window.

We believe this feature will help you to trade faster so that you don’t miss out on your desired price range and execute them faster with Dhan’s lightning-fast experience!

Do let us know your feedback, and how we can continue to improve further.

Product Team


A Voiceover for video could Have been Better :grinning:
Thanks For the Update

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Hey @Gangavarapu

Duly noted. Thank you for the feedback!

When it comes to web Platform…?

Thanks in Advance …:pray::pray::pray:

Hello @TheRadhaKrishna

We will surely update you as soon as it is live on Web platform. Meanwhile, do try it out on our mobile app, and let us know your feedback.

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Hi @Hardik i am trying the Sticky order window from last 5 days
here i am sharing the experience and feedback for development of our DHAN Platform

The Response is very slow when compared to other it’s lagging like anything i tried with my friends and clients accounts also & changed multiple mobile devices

So finally i understood the drawback it’s need to be solved so please check it Once…

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Hello @TheRadhaKrishna

This shouldn’t have been the case. It will be helpful if you can share a screen recording of the order placement lag for us to evaluate this and troubleshoot.

Kindly drop a mail at and we will fix this.

Hi @Hardik, I cant find any sticky order option in options traders app. As you know, everyone trades mostly in options. It is very much needed for this option to be introduced in dhan options trader app also. It would be difficult to analyse data in one app and trade in another app. Hope you will introduce that sticky order option in the options trader app as well soon

Hello @sri1647
First of all, welcome to Dhan Community!
Noted. We will evaluate adding sticky order in option trader app as well.

Hi Sir, Kindly make it happen asap

@Hardik @Dhan Any update on the sticky order window in dhan web as it has been more than a month since I had requested for this feature and I know you may have many additional features in the queue. But expecting this feature asap. And if you are introcuing any such new features, pls introduce them in all the platforms. Still I dont understand why u have introduced sticky order window in the main app only