Introducing Trader’s Best Friend: Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan

How to execute this from API?

Hi @Sagar,

We’ve noted your feedback and passed it to our team.

For Trailing stop loss, there is no direct API for same. You can place separate SL order and modify the same as per price movement.

same is available from website in options,but not from mobile.


We have same features in App as well as Web. Do connect us at or call us on 022-48906273 to discuss this further.

"Here are web options for your reference "

Hello @JayK

very informative and precise… thanks…

I am new and exploring this feature…
a quick question if you can spend some time…

QQ: while I placed an TSL order, I was expecting to see a Red line (like BO order) on Tv.Dhan.Co in respective chart but unable to locate the same…

Does Dhan shows TSL line like BO order on TV.DHAN.CO?


Hi @Chanchal,

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For TSL, order is sent to exchange for execution only after the trigger is reached, and hence it is not shown on chart till then. BO is limit order and hence shown accordingly. We have noted your feedback.

Hi @JayK , @PravinJ , when can we expect the trailing SL feature as part of API?

hey @stanly_thomas, no immediate plans on this for APIs. We will review this, we are going step by step on APIs and gradually adding up there, the next big thing we are working on APIs is market feeds.

ONly feature i liked about dhan was auto tailing stop loss and now i dont see it . its sad to say good bye. in options auto trailing stop loss at market price is very much needed as its huge volatile and dont get time to exit also manually and many algo provide TSL without trigger price why cant dhan.

not at all working now, it puts just sell order instead trailing

Hi @9850091391,

We have replied over here :

Does this work on Stock option trades as well?

Hi @prao80,

Yes, you can add Trailing stop loss in Options segment as well.

Hi @Poornima & @PravinJ : thanks for this cool & amazing auto trailing sl feature with a tl jump.

Feature request related to it :

  1. ex. let’s say the premium right now is 21, can i get a predefined sl difference from ltp & trigger price : let’s say 2 points below it 19 as sl & 0.3 upside as trigger (19,3) & in % wise as well ? also why trigger price is required ?

  2. options premium moves so quickly, tl sl have a reference price : is it possible let’s say if ltp is 21 & assuming price will reach 25 (ref price), i want my tl sl with tl jump should trigger at 25, with that predefined setup as in 1st point. also it should discard if the positions is closed incase premium reaches to reference price.

  3. on mobile app : if m using tl sl, how do i exit at market price (is there any option )? - i saw a web version tab of tsl (ss attached) which have a market price option. rather just having a market price : if we can see market price - (x) = tl sl & (y = trigger prigger which would be x + 0.2, 0.3 as per user will) , x can be random number 1, 2, like for example 21 market price - x being set at 2 , 19 wud be sl at which i want to keep tl sl . y (trigger price can be (x + 0.2 or 0.3)

  4. plz give us all positions target feature & tl stop loss together

  5. plz give us quantity options in mobile app. it takes lot. quantity based calculation are easier to recognize as how much i m gonna spend quickly.

  6. why the lots are auto-calculated based on my funds whenever i m buying any call or put - what if i press it by mistake - that looks like a trap feature ?

  7. time consuming multiple orders : let’s say i have 10,000 quantity at any given time. so whenever i wanna sell it a limit target price, 10,000 quantity will have around 6 legs - now if i have to change the target, i have to manually change in 6 different orders which gets created in the order…rather there should be grouped in one, like the way zerodha does…

  8. so many times it has happened that let’s say i have 10,000 quantity of nifty 18000 pe : when i want to sell it, by default, total lots which would be 200 (10,000/50) would come by default , now at that time iceberg order will auto-calculate 6 legs by default, but since i wanna sell 1000 only right now, so i change 200 lots to 20 lots only : moment i punch the order, those 6 legs stay there & create multiple orders rather only 1 ? this is observed so many times & i am so lazy to see in so many past contract notes if there have been charges levied based on 6 orders. that’s a bug.

  9. also is it possible that let’s say if i have 18000 pe, so rather giving target price, i want my quantities to get executed whenever the nifty spot index reaches 17950 , whatever be the premium at that time ?

Hi all,

I can’t see the trailing SL option in investing section. This is a simple equity trade. Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @gl.arunsingh

Good to see you after a while on the community.

Trailing Stop loss can be added into an exisiting positions only. Request you to take a position ( Buy or Sell ) as per your preference → then add the trailing stop loss from the positions tab.

You can watch this videos for better reference: What is Trailing Stop Loss? How to add Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan Web Explained in Hindi | Dhan - YouTube

Hello @RahulDeshpande

I understand I could see trailing SL will work from the Positions tab(usually for Intraday). However, I have a few stocks in my Portfolio tab. For those stocks which are in my Portfolio tab, I want a trailing SL once I approve the CSDL authorization.

Hi, One quick question. Cant I place target order and stop loss order simultaneously ?

Hi @Prashant_Shukla

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Yes, you can place target order an stop loss order simultaneously via our feature: Bracket Orders.

Refer here:

Also, I took the liberty to change your username as the mobile no might have caused privacy issue. Feel free to change as per your preference.

But I want to place sell for different quantity and stop loss for remaining quantity.