Introducing: Trader's Diary on Dhan

Hello Super Traders :wave:

It’s an exciting day for two reasons: Thursday (Expiry) + We have a new feature to announce for Super Traders.

By now you already know this - at Dhan, we are not just focused on building great features but also on improving your trading skills as well.

We continue to build incredible trading features for you, and over the recent weeks we have brought to you - Iceberg Orders with Instant Slicing, Forever Orders with OCO, Group Positions, Real-Time Technicals and so much more like improving the experience with latest charting libraries of both - ChartIQ & TradingView and along with that - we also bring to your awesome Trader Control’s to be a profitable trader by bringing discipline and controls to alert you on losses, overtrading, killswitch for staying away from markets and more.

At Dhan - we don’t just want you to trade but also become a better trader. One of the most important aspects of trading is - learning from things that work or don’t, analyzing them, and making notes for yourself.

We all know that the markets teach you something new each day, and to be a good trader it’s important to retrospect your trades and understand the logic behind taking that particular trade. That’s what most disciplined traders do - no matter how much time they have spent in the markets.

If it’s important for Super Traders, it has to come on Dhan. This is why we introduce to you our latest feature - Trader’s Diary.

Introducing Trader’s Diary on Dhan

Now with Trader’s Diary on Dhan, you’ll be able to track your past trades, check P&L by day & month, and add notes to them. So you can make notes for your trades/trading day which helps you understand your trades even better.

Why we are introducing notes for every period and Trader’s Diary

As a trader, you might have a bunch of trading methods, strategies, indicators, or breakouts - a result of that might be a profitable trade or loss-making trade, or who knows at times you may be profitable just for luck :slight_smile:

A trader’s diary helps you make notes of all these - which helps you to measure, track and stay focussed on improving your trades with time.

Most good traders also acknowledge their mistakes and it is important to avoid them. Keeping a trading diary is actually a crucial task in any performance or goal-oriented endeavor. If it’s good for a trader, we will build it at Dhan.

Where is Trader’s Diary available? Is it live for all?

Yes, Trader’s Diary is available for all users of Dhan now and across our trading platforms - Dhan App, Options Trading App, and also Dhan web.

It’s automatically activated for all active traders of Dhan, you don’t have to enable it separately.

Trader’s Diary is available in:

  • Dhan app: in the Funds section
  • Options Trader app: in the Positions section
  • Dhan web: in the Money section

Here are a few screenshots of Trader’s Diary for your reference across platforms.

Presently you can see your Trader Performance by Daily & Monthly view including an option for you to bring it for a custom period view. Trader’s Diary shows you detailed records of your past trades for a better understanding of your trading along with the past notes you made - to understand which of your trade strategies work and are worth reconsidering.

Please note that the screen mentioned above gives you the segregation of trades taken in a daily, Monthly, & Customised manner which will help you to improve your trading technique.

As it shows you the record of detailed past trades for a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and also analyses which trading strategies work, and which are worth reconsidering. Make notes on the charts you’re using, the patterns you’re watching, and how certain events impact your trade. This will help you recognize the mistake that happened to cost you loss.

We will collate feedback from our users and their suggestions and improve Trader’s Diary over a period of time. This was available for select users for the last few weeks and we have some feedback that we are working on already - once it’s shipped we will keep you posted.

For now, enjoy the trading experience on Dhan, be a super trader, and notably a disciplined one. Do let us know your feedback and help us build Dhan better for you.

Please note that the Trader’s diary will get activated after 25 trades.

Thank you


Super excited for this new feature :smile:


Please provide download to excel option in daily diary so that i can analyse my notes of every trade. Thanks.


Noted @RAMKUMAR1. We plan to introduce downloadable trade history soon, will keep posted updates on that when that happens.

Welcome to Dhan community.


Excellent feature by Dhan team.

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Is customized option available in mobile app ? Am not able to find it.

customised is on the web. we will bring weekly version of this as well, work is in progress.

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Thanks great. Can you please add the customized date range option in mobile also ?

Not liked. No segment wise filtering option. Add segment
Equtity(Del), Equ(Intra), F&O(Intra), F&o(Pos), etc etc etc


Hi @Kiran ,

At what time Trader’s Diary is updated on daily bases?

@PravinJ ,
On the web page, it is sorted with months in ascending order, which should be in descending order,
If we see first it shows September then October, and so we need to scroll down a long to get the latest data.

Like it is sorted with date, please short months in descending order.
October 18 should come on top. :slight_smile:

Hey @dhantrade ,

We would like to assure you that we have only launched the first version of Trader’s Diary as of now. You can expect some of these requested filters in the coming builds. Request your patience & support until then.

Product @ Dhan


Hey @amit ,

Trader’s Diary is usually updated around 9 am on a daily basis.

Product @ Dhan


Hey @Jigar ,

Noted. This will be rectified in the coming builds.


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Hi @Pranita @PravinJ ,

Can you please also share at what time ledger is updated daily?

Why should the lag exist between Ledger and Trader’s Diary?


Yes Trader’s dairy should update with Ledger. Would be convenient

Hi @PravinJ ,

If you can please answer the questions…

where’s the column for transaction time???i think time at which transaction took place is most important element of reviewing so its a no brainer pls add it asap.