Introducing: Trader's Diary on Dhan

Ledger and Dairy are independent systems in Dhan. Time will vary, as these activities are done post settlement of trades, contract notes are generated and many internal processes are done.

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Hi @PravinJ ,

If you think from the user’s perspective, both are part of the backend reporting system and hence it should be always in sync when users opens anyone, otherwise it shows inconsistency and confuses the user.

Few minutes/hours of lag can be understandable, but an overnight lag shall not be acceptable for any user friendly system.


And yes it bugged so much.when you have profit and loss of other figures and every Saturday trader diary decide to change thise figures on its own.

Hey @Dhan users,

Is custom range calculation in sync with monthly calculations?

Unfortunately, it has never shown correct result for me .


May be @Kiran @Pranita @PravinJ can clarify and provide a fix.


Hi @pushpa,

You are right, we are working on it.

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Hey, you can now download trade history. Read more on this here - Update: Now you can download Trade History as CSV

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@Dhan_Help @shraddha

The web version custom date range option doesn’t work - It shows incorrect PnL and charges and has discrepancy with PnL statement (sent via email). Please fix.

Custom date range option is also limited to 3 months. Please expand this date range and give the ability to show atleast 12 months. Multi year would be ideal like Zerodha console does.

Also on mobile app please bring the option to display pnl and charges for a custom date range selected by the user.

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In trade diary, can you pls make these options selectable so that I can see Pnl as well as charges for each segement

Hi @erankitjain,

As you rightly suggested we have discussed this internally, As it looks small but it’s a big change. Please give us sometime we’ll soon add it to our priority list.

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Hi Team
There seems some inconsistency in pnl shown in Trader’s Diary. Please fix this corner case may be.

Hi @lasymoney do share me your UCC over DM, ill look into it.

Hi @lasymoney

This is a user-specific case, To have this checked, we will be requiring your details. Do connect us with the same at

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Hi @lasymoney thanks for sharing your UCC.

As per your trade history, you had SOLD 2 lots of Vedanta (VEDL) 330 PE option for Feb 23 Expiry. Vedanta had fixed February 4 (Saturday) as the record date for its 4th interim dividend of Rs. 12.50. Since this dividend is was than 2% of then CMP, there will be adjustment in the open F&O position(s) on the record date.

Hence, your position got closed on 3rd February 2023 (at 23:59:59) by buying them at Rs. 0.00 which gave you a profit (which is reflected in P&L) and at the same time, new position got created with adjusted strike price (330 - 12.50) = 318. Since this “entry” is not a trade as per se, this is not captured in the Trader’s Diary.

So overall, no change in P&L except this entry :smile:

You can see your open position will now be of the strike 318. The selling price of the new position is same as the old one, just change in the strike.

Is there any plan to include equity curve of the portfolio as well?

Hi @LDas welcome to Dhan community! Yes we have this feature to be added in the product roadmap.

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I think as the name says ‘‘Trader’s Diary’’
We should be able to make notes or comment on trade basis (My suggestion), currently can comment/ note on a day basis (which includes all the trades taken in a day)
Correct me if I am missing here something.

Thanks @iamshrimohan for the explanation. Just a follow up question…“So overall, no change in P&L except this entry”.
If I square off my current VEDL 330 PE position then if I book some profit say 20k then monthly PnL in trader’s diary will have both pnl? But the actual pnl will be only the realised pnl upon my square off for this position?

Hi @lasymoney no it will only have the actual one. Once you close your trade, do reach out to me. I’ll help you with the detailed calculation! :slight_smile:

Happy Trading!

Why does the trader’s diary take so long to update? It’s already April 7th, but the previous day’s trades are still showing as if no trades were made and there is no data to display.

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Hi @govimalvi , Welcome to Dhan Community.

Generally, the Trader’s Diary is updated at 9.00 AM everyday for your yesterday trade. Read more here.

Request you to drop us an email at with your details to check on your specific case.