Introducing: WealthBaskets on Dhan. Make smarter investments now with WeathDesk

At Dhan, we have always ensured that you are able to make smarter trading and investment decisions. While we ourselves focus on providing you an incredible experience on product, customer experience backed by technology, we do not provide research advisory. In this journey we have always promised to equip you with the necessary tools, analytics, integrations required to assist you in making your investing & trading decisions. Continuing to live by that ideology, we now introduce yet another exciting product offering for all our investors - WealthBaskets by Wealthdesk, now LIVE on Dhan web.

What are WealthBaskets?

WealthDesk is a platform providing research backed collections of stocks and ETF portfolios based on a theme, idea or strategy that are called WealthBaskets. In simple words, if you are looking for investment ideas, then this could be your go to product. These baskets are created by the best investment managers in the country with 20+ years of experience managing over $2B in Indian equities and are suitable for users with all kinds of risk appetites and investment goals. Read more about it here.

How will it work?

Follow these simple steps to start investing using WealthDesk:

  1. Login with your Dhan credentials and start investing in any basket of your choice on WealthDesk.
  2. You could also access this from the Dhan website by tapping on the WealthDesk widget available on the homepage.
  3. Stocks bought using WealthDesk can be viewed as a part of your portfolio and you will be eligible for all the dividends and corporate actions on those stocks.
  4. Remember, to exit any portfolio, you will need to do it from the WealthDesk platform.

This integration comes as a result of our commitment to helping you make informed decisions when it comes to your investments & we are confident this is yet another step in the right direction. Look forward to continuing to innovate and provide the best possible experience to you.

Note: Currently, WealthBaskets are available on Dhan web only.

Product @ Dhan