IPO Shares trade not accounted in traders diary or P&L statement

I sold 35 shares of new IPO however the same is not reflecting in my P&L statement, neither is the amount (i made a profit on the sale) is accounted anywhere. It is not showing in traders diary profit neither in the P&L statement for the week
Responses i got was

  • email to dhan - no response yet
  • chat with dhan - they said we dont report IPO listed shares, thats the only thing the person kept repeating
  • call to customer care - said they will look into it

As of now, INR 45,000 is unaccounted for with no resolution. Has anybody faced it before. Any suggestions.

Hi @Chanda welcome to Dhan community!

As of now IPOs are not considered for Trader’s diary & P&L statement. We have this feedback and will continue to update our features accordingly.

Your email for the same query has been replied accordingly.