Is stock purchase breakdown available on Dhan?


Does anyone know if stock purchase breakdown is available on Dhan or not? If yes then where can I find it?

I’m talking about the “view breakdown” feature of zerodha where one can see the summary of date/qty/price of a given stock like this:

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Go to Holdings - click on any of the holding . Go to trades . Can the see th date , quantity there


thanks for this!! I was clicking on my stock but it seems the options change when you click on your stock from watchlist and from portfolio, which is quite weird, isn’t it @PravinJ

options I see when I click on stock details I own from the watchlist

and options when I see the same stock details when clicking from the portfolio page

So, users need to know the exact behaviour of the screens to identify which type of details user want to see. Why can’t these be merged into 1 and show Trades/Dividends only for stocks which user owns and hide when not part of portfolio/position?

From watchlist, stocks open. And from holdings, in-depth view of portfolio holdings appears. Same is true for web & apps, however we do have shortcut to check the stock price from portfolio and similarly view holdings from stock page when you have invested in it.

for liquiid bees how to check the fractional shares
Screenshot 2023-07-01 072317
actually i am holding it from since last week but it says 30 days age of investment how to check those fractional shares