Issue - Funds withdrawal request


This week I placed a withdrawal request for 50K and was processed in just 10 minutes, which is awesome.

On the next day, I tried placing withdrawal request for another 25K but the fields and buttons in the window are disabled and was not able to place the request.

Regarding that today I checked with the customer care, and they said that we can place the new request only 24 hours after the previous request.

I believe this is one thing you guys need to fix as soon as possible. My suggestion is:

  • To allow for multiple withdrawal requests in a single day
  • Restrict it as one withdrawal between 12:00AM to 11:59PM instead 24 hours after previous request


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Hi @ravi_krishna Something off here in understanding, maybe I will speak with our Customer Service team.

You can withdraw instantly - only once in a day, once this is done - you can withdraw again, but this time it will not be instant. When one withdrawal is in progress, another one cannot be placed - which may be the reason why you were not able to place a fresh request because earlier one wasn’t completed yet.

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Thank you for quick response. This afternoon I once again placed 50K withdrawal request and it was success. I tried placing 5K now to test what you said. You are correct, I am able to place another request now without any issues. Thank you!