Issue with dividend pay-out tab twice in a row

On 22nd Nov, I have bought Hindustan Zinc which had ex-date on 23rd Nov i.e
Yesterday. Usually, the shares that pay dividend, gets updated on the same day i.e on ex-date at night on Dhan’s dividend pay-out section. In this case, Hindustan Zinc’s dividend pay-out info have not been updated yet.
This is the second time back to back that I am facing the same issue though the previous issue regarding the same had been resolved.

Thank you.

Hi @aritra It is. RTAs who process dividends on behalf of the company. And RTAs do not send us information with stock broking platforms when Dividends are processed, we get this via data providers and Dividend information is processed on that basis.

It’s not a bug, we have limited information on this on basis of what we get. Errors in info, at times also gets corrected automatically.


Okay, got it. And Hind zinc’s dividend information is also updated.
Thank you.

thank you for understanding and your patience.