Issue with pivots and CPR on options charts

There is a very longstanding issue with pivots on options charts which has not been resolved till date.

Pivots will not show up on options chart on any setting, either Auto, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly and on any timeframe. It shows resolution is not supported for this symbol error.

The daily and weekly CPR will plot, but are inaccurate nonetheless.

Can the concerned team please look into this and sort this out ASAP? There is no such issue with other brokers providing TV charts like Fyers and I really don’t get why this is taking so long to implement/correct.


Monthly options or weekly options??

i also facing same

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Both monthly and weekly. In fact, pivots will not plot on any options charts.

We will have these reverified, there isn’t different formula (as per my knowledge) for options specifically.

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Also request you to drop a email to our Customer Support team @Dhan_Help on with reference of the charts in this case… @Shiva @SunnytHeTrader @asgkbotany - will help us.

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Thank you for replying Sir.

Yes Sir, I have sent an email as per your request and also attached the chart images below:

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Hi @Shiva,

We are working on it, will revert you on your registered email id.

This issue is still not solved. You call this app is especially for traders and you don’t even take the time to listen and resolve their concerns. Its been an issue since the beginning and still not worked upon. Amazing work.

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I feel like, this community forum is like a punching bag. whenever trader feel frustrated for some obvious feature not working or errors they should report here release their fumes and get back to trading on platform as is basis…

Mods standard reply “will look into it”, although mods know nothing will happen ever. and things never ever get resolved.

Life moves on and they save some attrition.

Solution - Multiple apps available in the market. Switch the app. Done.

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Hi @RajeshK & @Aman ,

Please note that Dhan community is not the official customer support channel. We intend to make the community as a forum for discussion on investing and trading. Since the beginning, we are very transparent about the feedback, suggestions, complaints or improvements about our platforms, and we intend to keep it the same. Dhan is built on top of the user feedback and suggestions, and we are grateful to all the dhan community members to contribute in building it. Similarly, majority of issues mentioned in the community has been addressed as well.

We see the community as an open canvas, which you can paint with your knowledge, experience & thoughts rather than a punching bag. We request you to use it to its fullest by thinking of it as a practice of creating a beautiful painting.

We request, for faster resolution experience reach out to our official customer support channels ie: Live Chat, Twitter DM/ Twitter Post, Email to or on call with official Dhan customer support - 02248906273.


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That’s what I did, shared my “experience & thoughts”

Suggestion :pray:
Add a “button” here which says " Email this post to [] " for a faster better cleaner approach.
Will also offload some of it from community mods team.

Hi @RahulDeshpande
I see that their are 14 categories of discussion in community forum. Out of which 3 are -Need help- Request Attention and feature request. These three should be removed. As you said this forum is just for discussion.
And categorising genuine customers complaints as a “punching bag” comment shows how serious you are towards your customers.
टीवी पर ऐड चलाने से अच्छा है अपने एप्लीकेशन को बेहतर करें। With customers feedback.
And thanks this will be my last time on this community.
Punching my way out of DHAN. DHAN DHANA DHAN.

Still july 2023, you did not resolve this issue. Still I am facing.