Issues with latest Dhan app - some are annoying, some are basic

Hi all,
Thank you for bringing such a nice platform for investors! I am new to this app and I have found some flaws in user experience for investors. Hope these gets fixed soon -

  1. Forever buy order - With the latest glass UI, it is not possible to scroll to or edit the last forever order, its hidden and blocked. I have about more than 10 orders places and the last one cannot be seen properly or accessed for editing/delete. The bottom UI always covers the last order completely. Have to go to web app to modify or edit. Very annoying. Happens both in phone(5.5") and tab (7") - both Android

  2. Login - My tab doesn’t have finger print sensor, I read in another thread that if sensor is not there, I can give pattern or pin. When I try to enable biometric, it just goes to App Info page that shows permissions, notifications etc, there is no options for enabling pattern or pin (Checked in permissions page too). This is extremely annoying as every time have to login with password manually and wait for OTP and login for every single day of use. Tab uses Android version 9. I am using other apps too in the same tab and they allow pin verification.

  3. A major feature that I found is missing total amount that would be required in a particular scrip in forever buy order - When I provide Quantity and amount for the scrip, it doesn’t show the total amount that is required for the order - have to use a separate calculator! So while placing my order I don’t even know how much amount is remaining for placing another forever order. However, if the quantity is above the available amount, at the forever list screen, it shows the additional amount/top-up required.

Thanks once again and keep up your good work!

Hi @Cooldude ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

Thanks for putting in the efforts to write a detailed feedback. We really appreciate it.
Few comments on your suggestions:

  1. Thanks for highlighting this, we will be working on it. Will let you know once it’s done.

  2. Right now, we havent fully optimized our products for tabs. We will be working on it soon, we have noted your feedback on it & will surely incorporate once we plan on optimizing. Right now the focus is on working on our core mobile & web products.

  3. Very valid suggestion. We have noted it.

Once again, thanks for a detailed info.

Keep contributing to the Dhan Community.

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