Keeping your Stock Trading & Demat Account safe and secure

:loudspeaker: :speaking_head: If you invest or trade in stock market, read this :point_down:t2:

Simple ways to ensure your shares / money is safe with your stock broker:

  1. Safety starts with you - :shushing_face: DO NOT share your account details and credentials with anyone!
  2. Ensure your mobile number :calling: and email address :incoming_envelope: is updated at all times. Use the mobile / email you use frequently.
  3. Log in to your account at least once in 30 days :iphone:, even if you are an ‘invest and forget’ kind of investor. Once in a week is even better :date:.
  4. Enable Biometric access :selfie::point_up_2: and 2 FA on your broking account. This will be mandatory soon :closed_lock_with_key:.
  5. There is practically no reason for a Stock Broker to call you, unless Margin Call :telephone_receiver:. That too good brokers will show your margin shortfall in-app or web.
  6. Turn on Trade Execution Notifications :incoming_envelope: on your trading apps, it’s a basic feature and most valuable.
  7. If you trade any day, check your trade history and ensure the correctness of all of them.:chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:
  8. If you are doing any Algo / system-based trading that requires you to log in, ensure the login page & authentication is on the broker domain and not on any 3rd party site
  9. If you are a trader, check your margin utilization and ledger - almost every day you trade :spiral_notepad:.
  10. When you trade, exchanges (BSE/NSE) will send you confirmations. Check them.
  11. Old Demat accounts still have PoA, which means the broker ‘can’ sell your stocks without your explicit consent. Enable EDIS TPIN for selling, it may sound hassle, but it’s super safe! :closed_lock_with_key:
  12. When shares are sold/pledged, depositories (CDSL/NSDL) will send you an SMS. Check.
  13. Your broker has to settle your funds (send unused balance money) back to your bank account once in 90 days. :money_with_wings::moneybag:
  14. If you don’t trade in 30 days, a broker has to again send unused funds/balance back to you. :money_with_wings::moneybag:
  15. Exchanges (BSE/NSE) send you funds/securities balance at end of every week/month. Check.
  16. Depositories (CDSL/NSDL) send your eCAS statements once a month has Demat holdings across all brokers you use. Check.
  17. DO NOT, under any circumstances give your trading account password, or the pin of your account to any employee of a stock broker under the context of KYC, Risk, Margin, trades, portfolio, reports or statements. Broker admin systems to monitor these do not need your account level access!!
  18. Ensure step #0 at all times.

For users of Dhan, please remember we generally never call you, unless you ask us to call you or we have taken your consent to reach out to you.

Keep your stock trading and Demat accounts safe and secure, always.

Thank you


Hey @PravinJ ,

May I request you to consider Linked Devices feature at priority?

User can only be logged in from a Linked Device. Feature shall also implement Alert, Historical Logs etc. similar to other popular applications which are providing good a security layer in general.

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You can tracked the devices accessing your Dhan account

@PravinJ ,

I’m glad to find Current Active Sessions on the Dhan App. :clap:

However, there is No Realtime Alert on mobile or on mail when A New Session or Device is being used.

Similarly, will the user be notified on mobile on a password change request?

Don’t you think this is an essential part of security in 2022 and should be implemented at the earliest?


Completely agree with @amit, those features are very much required for peaceful mind of the investor/trader.

Valid feedback, we will introduce these to Dhan

Thanks a lot @PravinJ ! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for updating. @PravinJ