Keyboard shortcuts to place orders

Hello Dhan Team,

Can we have keyboard shortcuts to place an quick order like say ctrl B for buy and ctrl S for sell etc?
As an option scalping we need to quickly put order and sell it.
Currently, we need to use mouse for getting all things done, but keyboard actions will be faster than mouse,.


Hi @Jigar

Keyboard shortcuts are available and also very popular among traders on Dhan. More about them here: Introducing: Fast Keyboard Shortcuts for Traders on Dhan Web

Hello @PravinJ
I am using this, but I want to see the order placement shortcut we use in terminals.
A quick keyboard shortcut to put market order buy and sell for scrip which is open as the chart,

Thank you :slight_smile:

Great, i was aware of instant order but didn’t know about Shift B :slight_smile: