Kindly add Sector Chart Also in Indices Details and Resolve Watchlist Problem

Hi Team…

  1. Indices Details Provide All Components (Stocks) Chart of Sector But it not provide Sector Chart,
    So Please Provide Sector Chart Also With Components in Indices Details TAB

  2. Sometime Watchlist not showing any Stocks at WEB interface, So Please Resolve it also as soon as possible.

Thank You

Hi @kas400 welcome to Dhan community!

At this moment, you can view constituents of Indices from below path. Noted your suggestion to view charts directly.

Login to > Watchlist > Dhan FNO > Nifty 50 > Indices In-Depth > Companies

Login to > Indices > Nifty 50

Moreover, please drop us an email at help@dhan for your concern related to watchlist.