Large price difference and can't see O=L

Hello Dhan Team, @PravinJ @Naman

Can you please look at the two charts below, one from Dhan TV and Another from Zerodha?
Which one should we trust? :frowning:

I know itโ€™s impossible to get correct ticks but this completely changes our strategy, as we mostly look for O=H and O=L strategies, in options and stocks.

Dhan TV chart. Look at O and L values,

Zerodha Chart, Look at O and L values, and even candle patterns.

Angle one also shows the same as Zerodha,

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Hi @Jigar,

We have a detailed separate post on this Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

Feel free to Chat with us directly from the CS section of the App / Website or write us at for any further queries.

Hello @Poornima ,

I know that, but I suggest catching the same as other brokers. Because I see only diff in Dhan chart where as others shows correct, itโ€™s a point of improvement :slight_smile: