List of FNO stocks blocked for intraday

Why Bharatforge despite being an FNO script and with good intraday volume over 10 lakhs is being blocked for mis/intraday?

Currently there are 199 fno stocks. Can I get a list of FNO stocks that are being blocked for intraday? This might help in planning out trades and prevent clicking the mouse just to know that the script can’t trade intraday.

But I really wish if you don’t block FNO scripts with good volume and price range above 100.

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Hi @ronin

We have allowed intraday trading in this scrip.This was blocked for intraday trading as per our Risk Management Policy, now it is open.

is there anyway to know beforehand/before the market opens, the list of stocks being blocked for the day? esp wrt FNO stocklist.

Hii, Can you please share where can I find the list.