Live Market Feed API

Dear Team

Request you confirm if there is any timeline on Providing Live Market Feed API


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Hello @Gangavarapu

It is work in progress. Live Market Feed will be a websocket connection which is an infrastructure heavy development. We want to provide a seamless experience to our users and will release it post extensive testing only.

We cannot commit a timeline yet, but rest assured, it will be super fast just like our other APIs.


will use Fyers marketfeed api to place orders in Dhan :joy:


please create a direct plug-in for live data feed for amibroker just like Upstox. We have to buy data from unverified resellers that leads some times misinformation and unverified ticks.

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Pls do it at earliest

Hello @Bigbull

Welcome to Dhan Community! Sure, we will try to incorporate this while building Market Feed APIs.

Please provide plugin for market feed directly to Excel also.

Good Morning @Hardik
Any update on Market Feed API

Hello @Gangavarapu
We cannot commit any timelines yet. Rest assured, our launch post will be on community first as soon as we release.

Good Morning @Hardik
Kindly update if there is any progress on providing Marketfeed for users.
I have checked and it seems it is available for marketplaces but not available for Users like us.


Pls expedite…

Without live market feed, how Someone will place order.

One can just refer orderbook,trademark, funds thats all

How can one place auto trade.

One has to be dependent on other for market feed.

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Been more than a Year since launch of API.
No websocket :confused:

Hi @Hardik
A 20 Day Followup! Pls do the needful

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Live Market Feed will help me to proceed on Auto Buy Sell in python. Request to expedite.


@Hardik a Gentle Reminder!
Cc @PravinJ

Hi @Hardik

Any timelines on rolling this out!

@Hardik upcoming market feed does it support current position feed?

Hello @Gangavarapu & @raghu

Market Feed API will take some more development and testing from our end to be released.

@raghu On position feed, we are not planning to launch websockets for this. You can use our Positions API for the same.

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Hello @Gangavarapu @Bigbull @bsjhala @Shankar @raghu

It would be great to have your suggestions here - Coming Soon: Market Feed Data API from Dhan, Seeking Suggestions from Dhan Community