Login with QR code... Frustrating

When I open Dhan on Desktop, it prompts to scan QR code. How do I do this? Does it mean I should already be logged in on a mobile device to do this? Also, on mobile, I enter phone, password and then it asks for OTP, when I switch to message to see OTP and come back to Dhan, it again loops me back to 'Enter phone no."… Frustrating… what am I doing Wrong?

Hi @Sabir Welcome to Dhan community. Understand that it might be frustrating, however these are regulations and we have to abide by that. The best way to do it seamlessly is to enable biometric login on your mobile app - you will not have to add mobile otp / pin everytime - it is instant login and then scanning a QR code is a tap away.

You can click on ““Hide QR Code”” below QR Sign and then log in through mobile number (For Desktop Users).